Printable Membership Registration Form:

Please print and mail to:
Kenya Community in Colorado
P.O Box 473586
Aurora CO.
Or e-mail to:  Membership@kenya

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MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FEE STRUCTURE                                                       

1.  Fee Structure:
    a. Single member will pay refundable one-time membership subscription fee of $50
    b. Single parents will pay refundable one-time  membership subscription fee of $60
    c. Couples and families will pay a refundable one-time membership subscription fee of $75
2. Monthly Contributions: 
    a. Single member shall contribute $20/month.
    b. Single parent shall contribute $25/month.
    c. Couples and families shall contribute $30/month.

Members will be provided with a bank account where they shall deposit their annual subscription fee and their monthly contributions.   Monthly contributions can be deposited quarterly if so desired by the member.

For more information and questions regarding any of the above, e-mail us at the below addresses.



Membership Registration Form

PS: By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to be bound by KCC rules and regulations as stipulated in the constitution.

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