Welcome to the Kenyan Community in Colorado (KCC) website. KCC is a membership based nonprofit community development organization, formed in Denver, to serve the needs of its paid members who are Colorado residents of Kenyan origin.  Here, you will find information about some of the activities and a wealthy of information that is specifically tailored to help our members deal with some of the pressing issues faced by most immigrants in the United States of America.  KCC is a diverse group and a need has been identified to establish a network that will collaborate with some of the already established persuasions in the community.  Whereas we respect the sanctity of tribes and affiliations, the existing structures in the community have fallen short of emerging as an all-encompassing outfit.

    KCC is an opportunity to establish partnerships among affiliated and non-affiliated Kenyans.  From the head of a Kenyan family in Colorado, working spouse, to the Kenyan child born and raised in the United States without the benefit of tribal identity, the high school graduate trying to identify a career path, the dependent relative who cannot work because of the US immigration bureaucracy, KCC has one message for you, we have the same heritage, Kenya! We at KCC are indeed thrilled with the prospect of fulfilling our mission in service of our community, through our work with our members, partners, and other stakeholders.

     On many occasions, KCC organizes events that bring together Kenyans and friends of Kenyans in Colorado as well as other African community members for information and knowledge exchange. Just as important, KCC routinely connects to members of the community at large via its discussion forums and social networks like Facebook, and transmit through information and materials that may be of assistance to the community at large. This includes bulletins on job opportunities, noteworthy developments in Colorado and Kenya and occasionally, free goods the community could use, such us free tickets to sports or entertainment events.                          

Formation of KCC

    On Saturday September 5, 2009 Kenyans gathered at Cook Park, Denver Colorado, with kids playing on the slides and playing hide and seek games, adults played volley ball, bikers were on the trail, tennis, kati and finally the Mabeshte Talents displayed soccer skills by both boys and girls, men and women. The turn out on this day is a true testimony that a need for Kenyans in Colorado has been identified and the mantle to serve the needs of its members has been passed on to KCC (Kenya Community in Colorado), by Kenyans. The dynamic Committee of Kenya Community in Colorado would like to thank all who attended this resoundingly successful event and assure you of the value of your presence as well as feedback, encouragement and support that we got from you. 
    This was indeed a blast! Special thank you goes to the families that prepared the delicious food and finally the support of our Kenyan owned restaurant, The Palava. The volunteers who kept the mbuzi choma going, you are our heroes! A big thank you goes to the members who joined the various subcommittees. KCC is your organization and this is a sure way of ensuring that you have a say in the decision making process. The Chair of your committee will contact you with information and schedules for your subcommittee meetings. All other members are encouraged to join the various subcommittees to help take KCC to the next level. For more information on these sub committees please visit Subcommittee or contact us at mailto:membership@kenyacommunityincolorado.org  stay tuned on information about our next event to be announced soon


PS: You don't have to be a registered KCC member to join a sub-committee because  filling out this  form will automatically enroll you as registered KCC member.

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What does it mean to be a KCC Committee Member?

Purpose of Committee

A.  To encourage the other KCC members to acquire a consciousness of each other, to understand one another as individuals, as members of their community, as citizens of their country, and as part of the family of Kenyans.

B.  To foster, as a consequence of such knowledge and consciousness, a continuing relationship of mutual concern between the committee, KCC members and  the people of Kenya community in Colorado

C.  To undertake activities and programs that will provide to one another appropriate aid, comfort, education and mutual understanding of our culture and mission.

D.  To participate in the promoting, fostering and publicizing our programs.

E.  To act as a coordinator among organizations, groups and individuals desiring to engage and engaging in the activities of KCC

Position Purpose / Objectives

Qualifications of Position and General Expectations

  1. The KCC Committee are members who are able to regularly attend and chair meetings as scheduled.
  2. The KCC committee must have a commitment to the stewardship of the dollars contributed by members to KCC.
  3. Professional or volunteer experience in gender specific issues is preferred.
  4. Knowledge of KCC mission statement is recommended.
  5. The KCC committee persons adheres to agreements regarding Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest and The KCC Articles of Incorporation

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The KCC committee member attends KCC meetings as regularly as possible. 
  2. The KCC committee member makes recommendations to the KCC board to determine which agenda items need emphasis at the executive and member meetings
  3. The KCC committee member makes every effort to receive up to date research and information regarding any programs recommended.


Time Commitment and Term Limit

  1. Each committee member is asked to serve a two-year term. 
  2. Each committee member will attend at least a quarterly meeting of its sub-committee, with additional meetings as appropriate.


  1. Program suggestions are encouraged to move KCC to the next level

Support Available

  1. The KCC Executive committee is available for the following assistance
    • Orientation and Training
    • Meeting and minutes coordination
    • Strategic guidance and direction as needed

Accountable To

  1. KCC Board of Directors
  2. KCC Executive Committee
  3. The Kenya Community in Colorado members
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